I started Bridge in 2007 when I took classes with Liz Bornecrantz .  It was the friends that I met during the classes that kept me going as I had not played any type of card game before.

I find each game of Bridge challenging. It depends on your knowledge, the cards in your hand and luck!

Since I started playing Bridge, I have met many more friends and am busy with the associated socialising.

In 2017 I took up the position of Welfare Officer on the Committee.  I enjoy the position as it allows me to give back to the club. My services ensure that our members celebrate milestone birthdays and lets them know that they

are not alone when they are sick or in bereavement.  

Tony Wolf - Profile

I joined the Macarthur Bridge Club on the 6th May 1989. I quickly joined the committee and have served as a member and as President.

This is an exceptional club and the competition and fellowship we enjoy is great. The Club is a big part of my life.

I stepped down as President in 2015 after serving in the role for 26 years.

Christine Edge - Profile

I have become a Bridge tragic.

Since retirement I have used Bridge sessions as a quiet retreat from reality.

One grandson believes I spend too much time 'on the bridge'. Consequently when not at the tables, I spend my time with the various grandsons.

I enjoy the friendship and social interaction with the bridge crowd and appreciate their support when the going gets tough.

I have been on the committee for a number of years and gave served as Treasurer and Welfare Officer.