Margaret Phippen - Profile

I've been playing Bridge a long time and have been on the committee twice, once as treasurer for a two year stint. I passed my Director's exam in January 2008 and have been directing on and off since then. 

One of the things I like about Bridge is that you never stop learning.  I understand that no system is perfect and just because some line of play worked last week, does not mean it will work this week. Bridge is character building especially when you lose with a 1400 score against you - ah goes on and we return to play next week.

Cheryl Dean - Profile

Hi. My name is Cheryl Dean and I am a Director.

I recognise the need to keep mind and body active and over the years I have travelled extensively, volunteered with Lifeline, fostered rescue dogs, played tennis, joined a gym ,studied computing, painting, bonsai, mosaics and learnt to play bridge.

While not all these activities have stayed the test of time I find bridge to be as interesting and challenging today, as I did that first Tuesday night  over 10 years ago,  when I walked into the club room for my first game.


Vi Martin - Profile

I was born in Scotland but I met my Aussie husband in London and have lived here for 46 years.

My first encounter with Bridge was in Canada, where I learned to play at the kitchen table with three Canadian friends.  

I joined the Macarthur Collegians Bridge Club about 30 years ago and have grown into a more than average Bridge player.  I’m sure my Bridge partners would agree!

Being a Director and a committee member allows me to keep up to date with the various guidelines from the NSW Bridge Association and pass on any necessary information.