Event Date Rank Players Photo
Club Divisional Champions 2017 1

Division 1:   Namir Subhiya/ Andrew Adamczewski;  Division 2:   Sharon/Grant Esler

Division 3:   Cheryl Dean/Judith Bjorklund;  Division 4:  Joseph Mascarenhas/Peter Saunders

Division 5:    Joseph Mascarenhas/Maurie Lazarus,  Division 6:  Di Collins /Vicki Wells

Fisher's Ghost Pairs 2017 1

Cheryl Dean and Judith Bjorklund; Ted Lilliss and Peter Saunders  (equal 1st)

President's Pairs 2017 1

Renate and Richard Riedel

Novice Pairs 2017 1

Maggie Roveen and Cheryl Cameron

Club Team Champions 2017 1

Lucia Mendonca; Margaret Phippen; Christine Derrig; Cheryl Dean; Judith Bjorklund

Kellerman Pairs 2017 1

Mrinal Dey and Ian Napier

Winter Pairs 2017 1

Lucia and Alex Mendonca

Glad Ray Pairs 2017 1

Renate and Richard Riedel